Building stronger sustainable communities through female entrepreneurship.

Our philosophy is centred on education, innovation and creating an environment of inclusivity for all female entrepreneurs within the startup ecosystem.

About Us - My Story

Hello I am Gurjit Cheema. My passion for female entrepreneurship has developed over decades of research, higher education and hands-on experience in business development, extending internationally from England to Canada. As a strong believer in lifelong learning, I have built a career around opening doors through understanding and connection. With a BA and MA from the University of British Columbia and the University of Warwick, as well as several years (spent) researching female entrepreneurship towards doctorate studies, education is defintely at the heart of all my work. In addition, I spent sixteen years working as an educator in Business within the university space. It was during this time that I developed a true appreciation for the value of skill development in building stronger communities. Most specifically, my interest is in the unique contributions of women and particularly minority women in the entrepreneurial sphere. Research shows that minority women don’t always have access to resources: tools, skillset, networks and capital awareness. There is a need to provide entrepreneurial tools that are accessible to all. Women, in particular, have a distinctive lens of the world. Through my years of entrepreneurial work in international settings, my expertise has grown in developing strategies to help women overcome barriers that hinder their ability to play valuable roles in the economy.

As a British-Indian with a vast and rich tapestry of cultural awareness, I am a strong supporter of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion practices. I believe in creating more sustainable economies by leveraging a diverse array of perspectives. With a reputation for having analytical prowess, a broad view, quick wit and an open heart, I have always been able to look at the big picture and identify how things can be improved. I am constantly seeking ways to enhance the contributions of others to amplify the quality of life in communities. It is with humbleness, gratitude, and an in-depth understanding of female entrepreneurship on a global scale that I have dedicated my career to strengthening the opportunities available to all women who wish to embark on an entrepreneurial journey.

"changing the narrative around female entrepreneurship to impact future generations of women and communities, so that all women benefit"

We are GcDc

GcDc is an agency based in Canada that provides consultancy services in various aspects of business, from ideation and market validation, to launch and expansion, using methodologies and strategies that are targeted to support your unique mission as an entrepreneur.

Our Values

Our economy needs the contribution from a diverse array of perspectives, innovators and entrepreneurs. Our mission is to build strong communities by supporting female entrepreneurs with high-value business consultancy, programmes, workshops and events. In short, we specialise in supporting female ventures creating an environment of inclusivity within the start-up ecosystem.

Our Programmes:

We Provide outstanding expertise: two distinct but theoretical and practical programmes to firstly youth (Grade 10 and above females) and secondly all other female founders. All programmes are online.

The youth programme

The youth programme is a weekly programme - centred on specific competencies: entrepreneurial mindset, leadership, collaboration, creativity and research.

Do you wish to obtain the following skills?

  • Your personal why (creating a vision)
  • Solving issues
  • Understand your Minimum Viable Product
  • Mind Mapping
  • Messaging your story
  • Effective Pitching
  • Knowing your Consumer
  • The Launch

We will equip you with skills and knowledge that will benefit you as an entrepreneur as well as future career paths. Community is at the heart of our programmes, it is our intention that you will connect and collaborate with other like-minded visionaries to enhance your skill set. Create products, services and better solutions to existing problems. In-take is limited to small groups.

For further information on this programme do send us an email.

The Female Founders Programme

The Female Founders Programme is designed to support you as a founder. The specific competencies are ideal for startups as you will obtain foundational business acumen and tools. The programme is very much centred on the various stages of ideation, customer discovery, funding to launch.

Do you identify yourself with one of the following?

  • Ready to start a business?
  • Understanding your unique business model (Business model canvas)
  • Build products and solutions that customers need?
  • Do you want to test an idea?
  • Learn more about marketing fundamentals
  • Want to grow and scale an existing business?

For further information on this programme do send us an email.


"Gurjit's passion for entrepreneurship and mentoring women, in particular, is exactly what every startup founder needs. Her dynamic approach, business insight and culturally nuanced understanding of diverse founders adds enormous value to any startup journey".

Reedah El-Saie, CEO Xplorealms "Innovate UK Woman In Innovation" - 2022/23, Creative Industries 'Ones To Watch 2021', 4xDeveloperAwards, GSV Cup Elite 200

"I had the great pleasure of working with Gurjit at entrepreneurship@ubc, the business incubator program that helps launch high impact start-ups into the world. Gurjit is a highly valued mentor in our network, deeply committed to helping young leaders bring their business to life. Her thoughtful and reflective mentorship helped many entrepreneurs clarify their vision, gain deeper customer insights and build more compelling solutions. I highly recommend bringing Gurjit into your team!"

Paul Needham, CEO "Carbon Minerals" - transforming CO2 from the air into rock. Also board member, senior advisor to impact funds and companies working on the energy transition.

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